It all started when...

I turned twenty years old. I wrote down a list of things I thought I'd have accomplished by that age. Looking back, the list was full of unrealistic and hilarious expectations. Very few of those things came to any kind of fruition. I was dealing with emotional attachments and disappointment and questions of my purpose and the future. The funny thing is, if I'm being honest, the same remains today. I wanted to write a blog where us "twenty something year olds" could cry together about putting five dollars of gas in our tanks or laugh about the friendships we have and the ones we've lost. I wanted a blog that emulated what it really means to be in our twenties & be trying to thrive spiritually, as well as thrive being a millennial in such a detrimental time. I'm only one person and an emotional one at that so I know I can't be the poster "twenty something year old" for anyone but myself. But, I hope whether you're in your twenties or eighties, you can laugh with me and feel comfort in knowing, I'm here, and I'm trying too. And guess what? So many of us are!

I can say that community has changed my life. In the worst of times and in the best of times, I’ve learned to lean on my people. I’m surrounded by the most incredible people with amazing stories of trials to triumph and grief to joy, and so much in between. And I hope that in each of our stories, you can find a piece of yourself. I hope you’re encouraged and know, you’re a part of our family and you can always sit with us.